Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is an indispensable consideration during investment. It can cause a large impact on investment performance through finding out potential risks and benefits. digiEasy provides you consulting services and ESG investment project to minimize your investment risks.

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Advantages of ESG

  1. Building well brand image through choosing investment which can bring positive impact to the society.
  2. Reducing potential risk through eliminating investments which violate ethics and cause harm to the environment.

ESG Factors Coverage

Environment (E)
  • mission of greenhouse gases
  • Air quality
  • Energy management
  • Water and sewage management
  • Biodiversity impact
  • Impact of products and services on life cycle
  • Environmental and social effects on assets and operation
  • Product packaging
Social (S)
  • Human rights
  • Community relationships
  • Customers’ benefits
  • Data security and customer privacy
  • Equitable disclosure and indication
  • Relationship with labor
  • Equitable labor policy
  • Labor standards in the supply chain
  • Employee’s health
  • Safety and comfortability
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Salary and benefits
  • Recruitment, development and retention
Governance (G)
  • Systematic risk management
  • Accident and safety management
  • Business ethics
  • Incentive measure structure
  • Report and audit policy
  • Competitive behavior
  • Regulatory coverage
  • Political influence
  • Materials procurement
  • Supply chain management

Our ESG Investment Services

digiEasy provides you ESG investment services in anytime.

Consultancy Service

Our ESG professional advisors provide you consultancy services in anytime. We provide the most suitable suggestions and ESG investment plan.

Risk Estimation

Afraid of the essential risk in investment? Our team estimate risks of different investment project through professional data analysis so that you can relieve to choose the suitable one.

Provide ESG investment way

We tailor you a ESG investment proposal in order to contribute for the environment, society and corporate governance through digital skills. We are now developing a digital and non-manpower planting technology. Let contact us for more information if you have interest on it!