digiEasy’s Online Booking System

Resource Allocation

In digiEasy’s cloud booking management system (BookingEasy) allows you to drive more revenue from manage and allocate resources in a more efficient way. Immediately contact us to explain how BookingEasy can boost revenue for your business.

Human Resource Management

With BookingEasy, you can maximize productivity by assigning staffs based on number of bookings of the day. Moreover, human resource is one of the most valuable assets for a company, in the system, you can set reservation timeslots as your services require. For example, you are offering a lesson with 1.5 hours, you can develop your reservation period in units of 2 hours, which can ensure your employees having enough time to relax and prepare for the next booking.

Resource planning

BookingEasy can helps you to allocate resources, manpower effectively. Especially when your service require to allocate staff to different locations or need purchase additional materials, since BookingEasy allowed you to monitor your booking contents and service venues by month, week or single day, therefore, you can allocating resources flexibly, avoid having excess or insufficient staffs and materials, maintain cost-efficient for your business.