Japan SEO

Search Engine Optimization for Japan Market

Is your business planning to enter Japan market? digiEasy’s professional digital marketing team who are proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese can help you to implement an effective SEO strategy tailored made for the Japanese search engines. With our marketing sense in Japan local culture and SEO experience for several multinational corporations, we help your business to raise brand awareness and acquire leads in Japan.

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Yahoo! Japan Search engine optimization

Expertise in Yahoo! Japan and Google Japan’s SEO

According to Nielsen NetView, Parent level data, 81% of Japanese Internet users can be reached by Yahoo! Japan. Though Yahoo! Japan is powered by Google, Yahoo! Japan’s unique content are included in the search result pages as well. Our professional team of SEO experts deliver successful SEO in Japan with our deep understanding of the uniqueness of Japan local search engine market as well as browsing trends and behaviors of Japanese search engine users.

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Japan SEO service

Full Spectrum SEO Service for Japan Search Engine Market

Our SEO solutions take care of both content and technical aspects. Content are created and proofread by native Japanese to ensure its relevance to Japanese search engine users. Our local SEO specialists who are fluent in Chinese and English are on-hand to offer SEO advice from technical perspective including meta tags formation, website coding structure audit, SEO-Friendly URL creation, site crawlability review and so on.

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Hong Kong local team servicing for Japan SEO

Account Servicing by Hong Kong Local Team

Japanese local SEO experts may not fully understand your business goals and SEO needs in Japanese search market because of language and culture gap. With our local digital marketing experts who are familiar with the Japanese search engines, we work closely with you to form and execute search engine marketing solutions for Japan local market, and make sure they are aligned with your business goals.

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