Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the strategic marketing approach of developing and distributing valuable, relevant, attractive and consistent content to acquire your target audience – with the objective of driving conversion that brings profit to your organization. In digiEasy, we tends to leverage our analytics and technical skills to optimize and push your content out to your prospects.

Forming content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategy helps to define the reasons why you are creating the content, and for whom you are creating reason. You will be able to build a clearly-defined target audience, outline your customer needs and establish relevant content to educate your audience by developing successful content marketing strategies.

Develop content hub

A content hub is a place where digital assets such as branded content, curated content, social media content and user generated content are centralized and hosted. In content hub, visitors are given more freedom to find the information which is valuable to them in the way they prefer, and thus spend more time on your website. This brings more engagement and even more conversions.

Manage different channels

Given the diverse and ever-changing digital marketing landscape, it is time-consuming to handle various channels and social media accounts at the same time. Let our digital marketing experts assist you with marketing channel management to save your time.

Concept, image and copy design

Your content published in different digital marketing channels has to be attractive enough to catch the eye of your potential customers. Our talented digital marketing experts located in Hong Kong are ideally positioned to create images and copies which perfectly show the competitive edges of your brand in the context of local market.

Video production

Do you know video on landing pages can boost conversions by up to 80%? Produce amazing and relevant videos using professional equipment with our experience production crew at digiEasy.