• Digital Transformation
    What you need is
    Digital analytics and tagging, your first step.
  • Digital Transformation
    This is not only a website.
    This is how you communicate with your customer!
    You will love our data driven open source solutions.
  • Digital Transformation
    Marketing automation, SEO, SEM, Social Media...
    Did you utilize all your touch points in your digital channels?

About digiEasy

Driving measurable result!

We are passionated digital experts consisting of digital analytics, website development and marketing experts. We help clients pivot from thinking to being DIGITAL. Starting from interactive experiences that captivate customers, we help client to apply NEW INNOVATION to their specific industry, tackling their specific needs. We help our client to improve their customer experience across the entire customer journey through smart, connected, products and services.

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ROI on optimization tools in average


digital ad spend will on Mobile by 2019.


more likely to complete the purchase receiving multiple abandoned cart emails


higher in open rate with segmented email campaigns

Our Services

Data driven marketing is an essential cornerstone for digital transformation of your company!

Our services include data management (analytics, tagging, visualization), website development and digital marketing on each touchpoints (SEO, SEM, eDM, social media). We also offer a whole set of marketing automation service. Please consult us for services that suits you!

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Analytics Audit

An Analytics health check (Analytics Audit) is a walk through of the implementation and instrumentation of the analytics setup across all channels (website, apps, newsletter,etc). The importance of analytics audit is to make sure you’re tracking things correctly. This is the very first step to move DIGITAL.

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Tagging Implementation

Tags are the medium used to facilitate the collection and sharing of data between various marketing platforms, like webiste, apps and newsletter. Typically we use Google tag manager (GTM), Dynamic tag management (DTM) or Tealium to for our client. You definitely rely upon this data to utilize the whole digital journey.

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Data Visualization

Via data visualization, we help our client understanding the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Not only patterns, trends and correlations can be exposed and recognized, we also generate report with insight that boost BI.

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