Online Advertising

SEM and Display Network with remarketing

Online Advertising

Google Ads and DoubleClick are prominent examples of an advertising service that can be used to effectively run an extensive advertising campaign. To track the results, all campaign strategy planning should start with determining what your business goals are. With some integration with analytics tools, your campaign could then be fully utilized. In digiEasy, we usually recommend our customers to include this part in the Journey, so that you can target your custom audience.

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Develop audience targeting strategy

Defining the target audience of advertisements is always a fundamental element of ad campaigns. You will be able to choose the best suited online advertising channels and decide the right content by understanding the characteristics, behaviour patterns, pain points and motivations of the target audience.

Create custom intent audiences

Custom intent audiences are users who are interested in the particular keywords and landing pages you are targeting, indicating they are in the research or even purchase decision process. Let our digital marketing specialists help you build custom intent audiences to drive higher conversions and bring more qualified leads in display campaigns.

Concept, image and copy design

It is time to establish relevant and attractive content for your ad campaigns! Our experienced digital marketing experts are dedicated to content creation from idea brainstorming to image and copy design.

Bring your potential customers back with retargeting

Generally, 2% of prospects converts into your customers on the first interaction with your brand. How to brings back the other 98% bounced traffic? The answer lies on Retargeting. In digiEasy, we display retargeting ads to your potential customers who have engaged with your site and therefore increase the conversion rate.


A detailed report will be provided to offer you a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with concrete recommendations for future campaigns.