Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Are you still looking for advertising agency for business promotion? TV advertisement? Or advertisement on newspaper and magazines? It is outdated already. It is now the era of social media! Breaking the geographical and language restrictions. Everyone on the social platforms are your customers. Let’s get close to the trend and connect the world through the internet track.

You are able to establish a close relationship with your customers on the social platforms through social media marketing. It enables the Enterprises to indicate details of product and service to the public, as well as enhancing customer stickiness for your business through community effect. Social media management also enable the Enterprises to interact with their customers and manage the public relations. Good communication and interesting posts can help the Enterprises build a friendly brand image, attract potential customers and increase their visibility.

Want to attempt to social media marketing but with no idea where to start? digiEasy can help you. digiEasy has profound experience in digital marketing such as marketing automation and content marketing. We provide you with a series of services such as social media marketing strategy planning and execution, social media content creation, social media management and social data analytics in order to help you obtain a large amount of target customers and deepen your connection with customers.

Have a social media marketing idea already? Let contact us for execution! If not, please also contact us for tailoring a social media marketing proposal!

Why digiEasy?

Professions digital analytics

Our professional digital analytics team help you simplify and transform the complex number into a report. We also analyze the social media data such as users’ interests on the social platform and other various trends in order to help you with understanding customers’ needs easily and planning social media marketing proposal. Let contact us for more information.

Professional and experienced team

Our profession team is familiar with the operation of social media platforms and is experienced in social media marketing. We tailor you and execute a comprehensive social media marketing plan. If you have a proposal already, please feel free to contact us for consultation and project execution. Our professional team analyze the pros and cons as well as suitable suggestion in order to help you operate smoothly on social platforms and websites. Let contact us for more information.

Close to the latest market trends

We get close to different market movement to help you understand the needs and interest of the customers on social platforms. We also stick with various trends and topics on social platforms in order to help you analyze how to execute social media marketing, enhance brand image and avoid from falling into discussion storms. Let contact us
for more information.

A series of services on social media marketing

Apart from consultancy, we would implement the social media marketing proposal for you. Our professional team
provide you an all-round service such as social media marketing customer relationship management, post content
creation, influencer and KOL marketing, as well as social advertisement so that you are able to focus on the business
and save your time.

Our Hong Kong Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook is still the most popular
social platform in Hong Kong with an online population of 5 million. It would be an indispensable part of social media
marketing. We develop and manage a Facebook page, design Facebook campaign for target customers, manage all public relations and invite KOL for product promotion in order to help you build up a good brand image and attract potential

Instagram is a popular social platform for
Hong Kong young customers. If your target customers are the young generation, photo posts with short caption in Instagram perfectly matches your needs. We produce interesting Instagram post and stories, promote products and services in order to expand your customers group and attract the potential customers.

YouTube is the second social platform with the most Hong Kong users. There are different video categories such as Educational, entertainment, creative, live and professional. YouTube produces lots ok KOL and YouTuber. We contact and collaborate with them for enhancing the exposure rate of your products, as well as producing interesting videos for soft promotion and building a brand image which you want.

LinkedIn contains 4.67 billion professional users. It is influential in your social media marketing plan in Hong Kong. We provide you social media marketing market services in LinkedIn including account management, advertisement and recruitment tool and so on.

Our Mainland Social Media Marketing Services

Weibo is a popular social platform in the Mainland China including 5.11 billion active users on the internet. If you are interested in the Mainland market, Weibo is the best tool for you to establish a close relationship with your customers and attract potential customers. Our team experts help you with boosting the brand development and enhancing your customer stickiness.

WeChat is a useful channel for contacting the customers. Its one-to-one chat function provides a way for the Enterprises to communicate with the customers separately so that the customers’ needs could be satisfied personally. We would help you with managing the WeChat official account with digital skills in order to enhance the efficiency.