Marketing Automation

eDM and other touchpoints

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is more a tactics than a software that allow companies to nurture prospects (RIGHT PEOPLE) with highly personalized, useful content (RIGHT CONTENT) in the touchpoints that the users engaged (RIGHT CHANNEL) that helps convert these prospects to delighted customers. This type of marketing automation not only makes your marketing easier but also generates significant new revenue and provides an excellent ROI for companies!

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Track your real time performance
Create personalized strategy
Reduce campaign cost
Convert leads to customers
Maximize return on investment

Our Marketing Automation Services

You may consult our experts to discuss more.

Marketing Automation Tools Integration

digiEasy provides consultation and technical support for integrating your current CRM into most of the commonly used marketing automation tools in Hong Kong including Hubspot, Emasys, Marketo and Salesforce.

Marketing Automation Planning, Audit and Best Practice

Our digital experts at digiEasy assist you to build a comprehensive and customized marketing automation plan to approach your target audience, audit and examine specific aspects of marketing automation operations to give a detailed insight into the current processes, followed by best practice recommendations for future actions.

Customer Journey Planning

Customer journey mapping is a fundamental component of our digital strategy to visualize the interaction between your brand and your customers. Illustrate, analyse and optimise customer experience across different touchpoints by creating a complete and effective customer journey, and thus to increase engagement and conversion rates more efficiently.

Drip Setting and Development

Sales representatives follow up with 20% of leads, and 70% of those leads are not sales-ready. However, 80% of those not sales-prepared leads will purchase from someone in the next 24 months. Drip setting is one of the commonly adopted marketing automation strategies to keep reminding your prospects about your products or services, preventing losing them to your competitors. Drip setting includes a series of consistent, relevant messages in terms of emails, blog posts, newsletters, whitepapers etc, delivered at regular intervals over a period of time. Let our team of marketing automation specialists create drip settings to nurture your prospects from disengaged users and get more sales-ready customers.

Touchpoints Integration

Collecting and integration data from multiple customer touchpoints into your marketing automation software is a typical issue you may encounter, as the settings and integration process are different among various touchpoints. Our experienced developers can assist your data synchronization by making use of the existing extensions or designing custom API for various types of touchpoints such as emails, SMS, mobile notification, social media, especially those widely used in Hong Kong.

Persona Development

By creating customers personas, you can have a deeper understanding of your prospective customers and thus tailor campaigns to focus more on your target audience. Our team of digital experts will help you gathering the information you need to develop personas through website forms, surveys, interviews, focus groups etc. and map personas to segments on automation platforms.

Scoring Model Development

Leading scoring model is a crucial part of marketing automation. You can rank your prospects and decide their sales-readiness by assigning demographic and behaviour scores. With the assistance from our digital professionals who are familiar with Hong Kong market, you can develop a practicable scoring model in the context of your business and industry to find out who are marketing qualified leads (MQL).

Marketing Automation Tools