digiEasy’s Hong Kong Salesforce Support

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce, a well-known comprehensive cloud-based CRM software platform in Hong Kong and over the world, also provides marketing cloud solutions of B2B & B2C marketing automation editions to meet the specific needs of both large-sized corporations and small and medium enterprises. Find out which plan suits your business objectives the most by speaking to one of our digital experts at digiEasy.

Email studio

Email Studio is a Marketing Cloud product to create and manage email communications.It is scalable and can be used to build both single emails and mass emails part of campaigns. Email Studio not only can build and test mobile-optimized emails but also can create personalized and dynamic email content to design your most attractive sales emails. Besides, Email Studio can define and segment email audiences and track email performance to provide you with the most suitable solutions (such as remarketing) towards customer’s reaction to increase consumption rate.

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Audience Studio

Audience Studio is able to capture customer data and understand the preferences of the customer base, which helps to make your marketing more effective. At the same time, use data automation to analyze your people and develop various automated solutions. So you can spend more time developing strategies and reducing tedious operating time.

Mobile Studio

With the rapid rise of smartphone applications, potential customers who can access mobile phone messages are important channels to sell your services or products. Mobile Studio can easily create the sales message that attracts your customers’ attention with convenient and simple tools. Sales messages are promoted to different applications and reminders. Mobile Studio keeps track of the behavior of potential customers received by different applications, so you can find the right sales target. In addition, you can improve your message and automatically set up the corresponding solution (such as remarketing) to increase clients’ consumption rate.

Journey Builder

Provide different methods of sales promotion for specific customer groups (including email, SMS, web ads, etc.). Get the best sales experience for different customer segments. You can easily select individual customer sales journey. Journey Builder automatically achieves the sales you want based on your chosen journey.