Analytics Training

Analytics Training Course

Analytics Training Course aims to provide you with a wide knowledge and technique of different type of Data analytics and apply them on your business. You can create your own Data analytics method and find your potential customers.

Analysis training courses involve:

  • Introduce the concept of website analysis and importance,to understand it is an indispensable business trend
  • The steps of website analysis include setting up measurement plans and setting label specifications to help you easily set clear sales targets.
  • You can choose your specific plan to learn the functions and applications of data analysis tools such as Google AnalyticsAdobe Analytics.
  • You can choose your specific plan to learn different type of Analytics tracking code such as Google Tag Manager (GTM)Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)or Tealium
  • Case studies and case sharing to solve common business problems for you.

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Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics is the most widely used network analytics service on the web, with nearly 80% of online customer using Google search engines, making it a huge source of potential customers. You can basically observe and learn online consumer behavior. Google Analytics gives you a better understanding of the importance of the importance of keyword search and analysis. Through the course, you can develop your online business customers and improve your website search name to attract more potential customers. Of course, the course will also teach numbers of ways to increase the conversion of viewers into consumer behavior and create your business sources.

Adobe Analytics Course

Adobe Analytics collects data from a wider range of channels and media. Compared to other analysis tools,Adobe Analytics’ unique customer experience management make it easier to manage your large data business and track potential customers, making analytics data more comprehensive and accurately. It can effectively place advertisements on target customers and achieve greaterest economic benefits.

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