Customized System

Customized System

An own system is more reliable than a general one. It ensures the data security by protecting you from the outside internet threat. An own system can also embed into IoT by connecting every “thing” in your company in order to speed up the transmission of data and information for a higher efficiency. The most powerful function is it can help your enterprise with digital transformation to blend into the new era of technological dominancy.

Want an own system for the business of your enterprise? digiEasy’s customized system service can help you! We have professional digital skills and a group of experts with profound experiences. Apart from consultancy services, we tailor you a customized system which is just for your business to satisfy all of your business needs.

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Our Successful Case

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A customized system for a Hong Kong elderly home by digiEasy.

The system is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Backend Management
    • Manage all data of the elderly home
    • Produce statistical table
  2. App
    • Manage parts of data (Resident, Fee, Follow-up consultation, medication)
    • Provide a platform for family members
    • Elderly home announcement
    • Send medical information
    • Video meeting function
  3. Health bracelet
    • Detect the health condition of residents
    • Record resident’s activities and online record
    • Alarm reminder
  • Bed sensor is equipped to detect the resident is on the bed or not
  • Health bracelet is equipped with positioning to detect the location of the resident
  • Health bracelet contains map function and walking time estimation for the residents.
  • Video meeting device is equipped in the elderly home so that the family members can participate in the video consultation with the apps.
  • Connecting the blue tooth with health bracelet so that the data can transmit from bracelet to smart phone and show in the app. The app will provide the residents health warning and advice according to the health condition.
  • The healthcare app provides a purchase platform to promote product that is suitable for the residents.