Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) is the new generation of the Google analytics platform. This is not simply the upgraded version of the previous one Universal Analytics, but an entirely new designed analytics tool allowing users to collect data over different platforms and devices. The digiEasy team is well experienced in using this tool to analyze data for business and ecommerce and building up insights through the analyzed data  to improve customers’ experience and attract more leads.

GA4’s Data Unification

It is common that people use more than 1 platform when browsing websites nowadays. In order to know better about the customers groups and aggregate their online behavior more accurately, the cross-platforms data unification tool provided by GA4 is useful in this case. GA4 proposes 3 different methods to identify users which are user ID, Google signals and device ID. Once a user is identified, GA4 creates a single user journey from all data associated in the same user ID.  Contact our Hong Kong digital analytics experts to know more about this property.

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GA4’s AI-Powered Insight

Customer behavior prediction is important for marketing that businesses always have to be proactive and forecast the next step of the customers. GA4 provides three predictive metrics to understand the  plausibility of users by analyzing the data collected in at most recent 28 days and predict behaviors of users in the following 7 days. If you would like to have a better customer insight, please contact the experts in the digiEasy team.

GA4’s Audience​​ Trigger

Audience triggers let you trigger events when users match the definition of an audience and become members. You can analyze these events in your reports, and you can enable them as conversions as with any other events. Contact our GA4 experts if you are feeling interested in this powerful function.

GA4’s Integration with Big Query

Big Query is a highly scalable and cost-effective serverless, multi-cloud data warehousing system designed for enterprise flexibility, which is widely used by business organizations to analyze data. GA4 is available to combine with Big Query in order to let the raw data collected be transferred to match with different kinds of data like CRM data and offline transaction data etc to advance the data collecting process for your company. Check out more by contacting the digiEasy professional team. 

GA4’s Analysis Hub

GA4 provides the function of Analysis Hub that allows you to explore the analyzed data in depth by using specific queries, visualization tools and customized filters in order to better know about your customers and start the marketing plan according to this. Want to know more about this powerful function? Do not hesitate to contact the digiEasy team.