IT Innovation Lab in Schools

IT Innovation Lab in Schools

Information technology is now widely used in many various sectors and different fields. As a result of the rapid advancements in science and technology recently, we intend to discover more local talent, nurture their enthusiasm in technology research and development, and boost their understanding of information technology in order to advance Hong Kong’s technical level. As a result, we will offer various workshops and platforms for primary and secondary schools, covering topics like, cloud computingartificial intelligenceblockchain etc. It enables more local talent establish a strong foundation and better prepared to meet the demands of various industries in the future.

As information technologies proliferate rapidly, Companies will become demanding about their staff quality. Teenagers who are skilled in information technology will enhance their competitive edge over others. In order to let secondary students to comprehend the latest technology, we have information technology professionals to provide theoretical classes before practical. Take cloud computing as an example, we will first educate students some fundamental concepts before letting them experience the programs like python or Rstudio, and wish they can fully acquire the knowledge they have learned during the workshop.

But how can we begin to train them if our target is primary school students? Stimulate their interest in information technology by hosting workshops where they can build robots with artificial intelligence. They may comprehend the fundamentals of AI by building original artificial intelligence robots. Meanwhile, they can develop their creativity and broaden their horizons.

DigiEasy has experiences working with several universities over the years, including the website management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the School of Business of the University of Hong Kong. Additionally, our IT expert team has provided relevant courses for youngsters in Youth Square that will target students at different levels and teach students according to their aptitude, assist in raising students’ interest in IT and take it up a notch. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.