digiEasy’s ShareCRM Service

ShareCRM, well-estasblished in China, rapid-growing in Hong Kong

As a leading cloud CRM system in China’s rapidly growing SaaS CRM market, ShareCRM boasts a strong, diversified client portfolio of 5000+ large and medium enterprises. Positioned as a new generation of CRM system, ShareCRM highlights its “Connected CRM” feature by seamlessly connecting all key business functions from Sales and Marketing to Customer Service and beyond. By integrating all aspects of your business, ShareCRM enables customer-centric collaboration across all levels of the organization.

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ShareCRM’s Connectivity

ShareCRM’s advanced connectivity capabilities empower your business to connect seamlessly in three dimensions: Connecting with every stage of the business flow; Connecting with people within and outside the enterprise; and Connecting with various systems and platforms, including IM and ERP. ShareCRM’s comprehensive and interconnected platform unifies all facets of your business, from marketing and customer acquisition to sales management, order collection, after-sales service. With ShareCRM, you can streamline your business processes and enhance collaboration across the entire value chain to deliver customer-centric customer experiences.

ShareCRM's SaaS + PaaS feature

ShareCRM offers SaaS and PaaS platforms that provide a no-code or low-code interface for developing, running, and managing custom applications. This allows your IT team to focus onithout the complexity of managing infrastructure. ShareCRM’s SaaS / PaaS platform contains rich visual design and component-based interface customization features that enable businesses to customize their CRM, making your business highly scalable. ShareCRM’s SaaS / PaaS platform has a competitive edge of enhancing scalability, convenience, and platform compatibility while enabling them to develop custom applications tailored to businesses’ specific needs.

ShareCRM’s Industry-specific Solutions

ShareCRM is a powerful CRM system that offers numerous solutions tailor-made for distinctive industries. With its industry-specific features, ShareCRM assists in the digital transformation of segmented industries by providing customized solutions to meet their unique needs. The system allows users to build business models on-demand and provides three major industries, including but not limited to the FMCG, ICT, and manufacturing industry. With pre-built templates and tools, ShareCRM’s industry-specific solutions are designed to help businesses quickly deploy and apply their business into the CRM system, saving time and resources while improving productivity.