Sales CRM

Streamlined sales process for your business

What is Sales CRM?

Sales CRM simplifies the whole sales process to allow enterprises reduce human power cost and save sales team’s time from outreach efforts of finding customers. The large database from CRM system supports your sales teams to track and target potential customers’ preferences in an easier way. Through sales CRM, your sales teams are able to analyze competitors’ data to adjust their sales strategies.

Benefits of Sales CRM

Enhance efficiency of sales process
Easy follow up with plenty of customers at the same time
Analyze competitors and adjust sales strategies
Quickly find out potential customers through customer database from the system
Enable sales staffs share the latest materials on centralised platform

Our Sales CRM Services

You may consult our experts to discuss more.

Opportunity Management

Managing the lead customers is never an easy task when this is done manually with dazzling data that restrict you to get a full picture of all lead scoring models. digiEasy’s professional team makes use of sales CRM system, prioritizing the leads that have higher rate of conversion and analyzing the successful trade probabilities in different stages with artificial intelligence. Better insights of opportunity assist your team to make smarter decisions.

Customer Management

With the growth of enterprise, the size of the customer group would also grow at a rapid rate. As a result, sellers need to tackle the difficulties caused by expanding the customer database. Our team helps you manage the customer information by executing customer management automation. Notifying your team when there is any message from customers and helping everyone in the team unifying the customer persona to deepen the relationship between enterprise and customers.

Sales Planning

digiEasy’s sales CRM experts understand the ecosystem of the Hong Kong market well. We are also well-experienced in analyzing data with reports generated by sales CRM tools and evaluate the effectiveness of your previous sales activities referring to the insights from the report. This would be the best reference for the sales planning in the future.

Sales CRM Customization

We understand that different companies have various needs for sales CRM. We can provide you with the most suitable sales CRM solution for your needs, whether it is the display method of sales reports or the layout setting of sales CRM. Our professional team will do everything they can to create a unique sales CRM experience for you.

Sales Email Personalisation

Automatically generated sales emails can sometimes limit the development of closer relationships between businesses and customers. The digiEasy team has enough experience to understand how to make the content of sales emails more communicated to potential customers and provide you with professional advice which help you create more personalized sales email templates and email delivery methods to improve customer conversion rates.

Automated Task Management

It is undoubtedly a good thing that the company's work is gradually increasing. However, it is accompanied by a large number of projects that are difficult to manage. Our team can help you practice task management automation. Building workflows tailored to your business, keeping the system automatically updated with the latest sales data, and instantly notify your sales team members when something is worth noting. No matter how many projects, it can be easily handled.

Sales CRM Tools