digiEasy’s Online Booking System

Online Class/Venue/Event Booking System (BookingEasy)

digiEasy’s tailor-made cloud booking system BookingEasy caters for all the business needs of fitness centres, beauty salons, party rooms or restaurants in Hong Kong. Using our user-friendly business management tool, you can schedule classes or allocate resources with a few steps, send automated booking notifications, reminders and promotion emails or SMS. Let contact our professional digital consultants and find out the best booking system solution for your business!

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Real-time Class/ Venue Booking

Customers can check and book their upcoming classes/venue on your web-based booking system or mobile application from any device. You may easily manage the bookings and monitor the enrollment rates or site visit rates by day, week or month on the backend platform. Best suited for class schedule and party room booking.

Business Resources Allocation

You can have multiple service locations and assign resources (i.e. staff or trainers) to different locations. Keep tracking the most popular service providers and services on any device at any time.

Package Settings

Create monthly plans or unlimited packages for regular programs or new member/seasonal promotions with huge flexibility to set quota for several service categories.

Business Analytics

You can review the performance of each class/ training session in excel format. Default reports include account balance report, cancellation report, membership report and package expiration report.

Automated Reminders

Push notification & automatic booking confirmation email to help your customers to show up on time. It can be booking reminder promotion, news and announcement. SMS, WhatsApp or other messaging tools integration is also available upon request.