digiEasy’s Hong Kong Hubspot Support

Hubspot in Hong Kong

Hubspot have more than 12% market share in Hong Kong.  It is a popular inbound marketing and sales automation software platform.  It enables your company brand to attract, engage and delight your leads and customers.  Hence, more deals can be closed effectively and efficiently.  Find out more how digiEasy helps your business to target local customers in Hong Kong below. Or contact our Hubspot specialist to check the powerful functions of Hubspot now!

Hubspot’s Workflow

Workflow in Hubspot allows you to create an automated series of relevant marketing actions at designated intervals.  Such actions could be triggered by an enrolment condition like form submission, email subscription or page view. digiEasy has helped our Hong Kong clients implement successful drip campaigns, with higher email open rate and better conversion rate. Talk to one of our Hubspot specialists to start an amazing drip email campaigns.  Start automating your prospect nurturing now.

Hubspot’s Integration

Connect your advertising accounts, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google Ads, to Hubspot allows you to acquire leads in Hong Kong market thus enroll them into your automated marketing campaigns. Marketing automation can boost your marketing efforts and maximize your advertising ROI! For instance, you can leverage your existing website traffic by displaying a retargeting ad to users who have visited your website before. You can also automatically import contact information from LinkedIn lead gen forms or Facebook lead ads by utilizing existing extensions or custom API.   Indeed, you can establish a workflow in Hubspot to automate follow-up tasks.

Hubspot’s Lead Scoring

Our team is composed of dedicated digital specialists.  We help you to automate your lead qualification by establishing a lead scoring model and generating smart lists of marketing qualified leads.  The lists are customers who are above or with a specific score for further follow-up. digiEasy has assisted our clients to develop lead scoring models.  This setup in fact fits their industry nature as well as the characteristics of Hong Kong market.

Hubspot’s Persona

Lastly, building personas in Hubspot empowers you to generalize the characteristics and behaviour patterns of your prospects and customers.  This allows you to categorize your contacts in the database. We organize workshops and interviews in our clients’ Hong Kong office to collect information needed for persona development. With the support from our Hubspot experts in Hong Kong, you can target specific audience groups in a more accurate and efficient way.

Hubspot’s CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) helps build and manage your own website without IT techniques. There are SEO recommendations, serverless functions (such as event registration, guest book, etc.), fully integrated CRM in CMS Hub®, which would be the best choice if you need a user-friendly CMS for your business. digiEasy has helped our clients gain a higher engagement rate and enlarge customers base by developing their websites with Hubspot’s CMS. Interested in CMS Hub®? Talk with our Hubspot specialists will be your perfect first step.

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Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing

Hubspot is a popular platform of inbound marketing which is a business methodology of creating valuable content for customers and lasting the relationship between them and the brand. HubSpots achieve successful inbound marketing by providing  functions regarding the notion “Attract, Engage and Delight”. For example, the SEO Marketing software helps increase the awareness of the brand by attracting more lead customers while the Shared Chatbox function engages the relationship with customers by providing the content that the audience needs and with Marketing Automation Software, right content can be delivered the target audience at the right time with different format and provided a delightful experience.

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Hubspot’s Sales

Hubspot’s Sales Hub provides you the best platform to perform sales for business. Sales automation establish a deep relationship between you and your customers with personalized services support. Your marketing team became easier to manage the sales content and target high-valued potential customers. digiEasy’s Hubspot specialists good at finding insights to get a better sales performance with Sales Hub for our clients. Please talk with our Hubspot experts if you have any question about Hubspot’s Sales Hub.