AB Tasty

As Google has announced the sunset of Google Optimize, which will no longer be available for new users after June 30th, 2022, company has to find alternatives for businesses seeking to optimize their website or app.

At digiEasy, we offer consultation and implementation services for AB Tasty to help our clients improve their website or app performance and user experience. Our team of experts will work closely with clients to understand their unique business goals and challenges and tailor AB Tasty solutions to meet their specific needs.

What is AB Tasty?

AB Tasty is an exceptional optimization and personalization platform that provides a wide range of features and benefits. With AB Tasty, businesses can quickly and easily test and optimize their website or mobile app to improve conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and increase user engagement.

AB Tasty offers a variety of testing options, including A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing. This means that businesses can experiment with different variations of their website or app and identify which version performs better.

In addition to testing, AB Tasty provides a comprehensive suite of personalization features. Businesses can use this platform to create targeted content and personalized experiences for their visitors based on factors such as demographics, browsing behavior, and referral sources. By doing so, businesses can increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

AB Tasty also offers a powerful analytics dashboard that provides businesses with valuable insights into how their website or app is performing. This data can be used to inform future testing and personalization efforts, allowing businesses to continually optimize their digital presence.

AB Tasty has integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This integration enables businesses to seamlessly analyze their website or app performance using GA4 and test variations with AB Tasty.

Overall, AB Tasty is an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their website or app’s performance and user experience.

digiEasy's Role

digiEasy’s consultation services include evaluating clients’ existing digital marketing strategies and identifying areas for improvement. We also help clients define their testing objectives and develop a testing roadmap. Our team will then guide clients through the AB Tasty implementation process, ensuring that the testing is properly set up, tracking is configured correctly, and that test results are accurately analyzed.

As we understood that our clients may have different levels of expertise in digital, A/B testing and experimentation, we offer training and support to help them on the road of digital transformation.

Contact us to learn more about how digiEasy can help your business leverage AB Tasty to improve your website or app performance and user experience.