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We are a leading well-rounded digital marketing agency found and based in Hong Kong.

digiEasy has been dedicated to providing professional data-driven solutions to help our clients digitalize their business.

Living in the digital era, digital marketing channels such as website, mobile, emails and social media are often the ways to reach, attract and engage customers before they make purchase decisions. The core of digital marketing is DATA. Data-driven marketing gives us a deeper understanding of existing and potential customers, allows us to create tailored campaigns targeting the right people with the right message at the right time, and thus increase engagement and lead conversion rate as well as deliver greater ROI on marketing spend. To survive and succeed in the ever-changing and competitive business environment, what you need is a complete digital transformation.

Our team is comprised of digital experts who have in-depth expertise and extensive experience in data analytics, website development and digital marketing. We are particularly specialized in marketing automation tools including Hubspot, Emarsys, Marketo and Salesforce. With our office in Hong Kong, we are ideally placed to offer our clients localized and personalized one-stop digital marketing services perfectly fit for their specific business needs in their industries across Hong Kong and Greater China markets.

We work closely with a wide range of clients across diverse sectors such as Hong Kong educational institutions, multinational financial service providers, manufacturers and retailers. To learn more about our services and how we can customize them to suit your business needs, please visit our contact page and leave your contact information.

Our Approach: Road to Digital Transformation

In digiEasy, we believe that the journey to digital transformation is divided into 4 stages, consisting of Digital Enablement, Partial Digitalization, Autmoated Marketing Operation as well as Business Digitalization. Our qualified digital marketing specialists located in Hong Kong are ready to assist you with a step by step digitalization of your marketing operations, user experience and business process in the context of local market.

digiEasy believes that road to digital transformation includes Digital Enablement, Partial Digitalization, Autmoated Marketing Operation as well as Business Digitalization