digiEasy’s Online Booking System

Automated Reminders

In digiEasy’s cloud booking management system (BookingEasy) can automatically send customers confirmation and reminder message via email, SMS message or any messaging softwares. In order to confirm booking content with your customers and help them show up on time, also for marketing activities, you can send promotion messages to customers with collected customer personal information, such as emails and phone numbers. Contact our professional digital marketing team immediately and get free consulting service!

Confirm Booking Notification

In BookingEasy's online booking management system, when customers complete reservation process, the system will automatically send a reservation completion message and confirm the booking detail about date, time, number of people, etc., when your customer finds out his reservation is not what he wanted, he can modify it immediately.

Booking Reminder Notification

In BookingEasy, you can send booking reminder notification via email, SMS, or mobile applications such as WhatsApp on the day of booking to remind customers show up on time to avoid any potential losses (waste on prepared material) due to your customers forget their booking. And free your staffs from the traditional manual call reminder, let them focus on more important works.