Industry-specific solutions of ShareCRM

Industry-specific solutions of ShareCRM

ShareCRM is a powerful CRM system that offers industry-specific functionalities and comprehensive professional services through its local team. These services include business research, industry solution consulting, and product implementation. ShareCRM also provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of various industries, assisting in enhancing the digital business value of the industry. The system allows users to build business models as needed using pre-built templates and tools. The industry-specific solutions of ShareCRM are designed to help your business quickly deploy and apply its operations to the CRM system, saving time and resources while increasing productivity.

Our ShareCRM Solutions

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"E-MARKETING" - Cultivating and Mining Potential Customers

An all-in-one marketing customer acquisition and management solution that helps businesses acquire customers through marketing and promotion, trace conversion effectiveness, and drive revenue growth.

● Multi-channel customer acquisition
● Marketing automation
● ROI analysis

"E-SALES" - Sales Management

Enhancing sales process standards and workflows to achieve a complete closed loop from sales leads and opportunities to order fulfillment and payment collection. Meanwhile, it controls costs and risks, ensuring timely cash flow, reducing costs and risks, and improving productivity and sales efficiency.

● Precise lead management
● 360° customer profiles
● Opportunity management
● Flexible CPQ pricing

"E-Service" -Service Management

Digitally managing the entire customer service process to create efficient and professional service experiences and enhance customer satisfaction.

● Multi-channel service engagement
● Automated scheduling
● On-site service SOP

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ShareCRM team

The local team of ShareCRM in Hong Kong provides ongoing professional and efficient after-sales and customer success services based on customer categorization and SLA (Service Level Agreement) content.