ShareCRM’s SaaS + PaaS Features

ShareCRM's SaaS + PaaS Features

ShareCRM provides both SaaS experience and PaaS platform, offering a no-code or low-code interface for developing, running, and managing custom applications. This allows your IT team to focus on business development without the need to manage the complexity of infrastructure. ShareCRM’s SaaS/PaaS platform follows consumer-oriented experience standards, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and excellent mobile device experiences. It includes rich visualization design and component-based interface customization capabilities, enabling businesses to customize their CRM and achieve high scalability.

Key Features of ShareCRM

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Business Customization Platform (PaaS)

Rich visual design tools, powerful underlying technical support, efficient and cost-effective digital business customization solutions.

● Business objects and interface customization
● Process and permission customization
● Low-code business-logic and application development

Intelligent Analysis Platform (BI)

You can access data anytime and anywhere, make scientific decisions based on data support, monitor real-time trends in data changes, and have a clear understanding of the implementation effects of decisions, forming a closed-loop management with PDCA cycle.

● Self-defined analysis charts and reports
● Multi-dimension goal management
● Business dashboard

Data Integration Platform

Efficient, flexible, and stable integration with systems such as ERP, WhatsApp, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Enterprise WeChat, DingTalk, Lark, electronic signatures, and in-house enterprise systems, enabling seamless data exchange.

● Flexible configuration
● Secure and reliable data transmission
● OpenAPI