digiEasy’s Hong Kong Marketo Support

What is Marketo?

Marketo, an Adobe company, is a leading marketing automation tool focusing on B2B business. Taking advantage of Marketo’s powerful features like real time customization and engagement program to master complex lead nurturing, digiEasy can tailor localized marketing automation solutions to fit your target customers in Hong Kong, as well as integrate Marketo with your current CRM systems.

Marketo’s Smart List & Flow

Smart List feature helps you to define who to be included in a report, a list or a smart campaign according to the applied filter criteria. This is especially useful when it comes to determine marketing qualified leads (MQL), which is one of the important goals in lead generation. Flow feature works with Smart List feature to allow actions to happen to a qualified group of members, and this enables a high level of customization and flexibility for drip campaigns setup and lead scores update. Learn more about how digiEasy makes use of Smart List and Flow functions to make your marketing automation easier.

Marketo’s Engagement Program

With Engagement Program, one of the most useful features of Marketo, you are empowered to manage different marketing campaigns and achieve complicated drip nurturing with ease. You can also evaluate content engagement level across various campaigns within the same engagement program in Engagement Stream Performance report, as well as find out the members of an engagement program who have exhausted all content and send them other relevant content.

Marketo’s Integration

LaunchPoint is a powerful integration service available in Marketo to ensure smooth synchronization between Marketo and other platforms. You can add a LinkedIn Matched Audience or Facebook Custom Audience based on the lists or smart lists of contacts established in Marketo. Beside ad networks, Marketo allows CRM integration like Saleforce or Microsoft Dynamics as well. Let our experienced Marketo experts assist your marketing automation with the integration setup.