Hong Kong Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Technology Voucher Programme for Hong Kong Enterprises

Do you want to digitalize your business to boost the competitive edge but only have tight budget? Let Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) help you!

TVP is applicable to non-listed enterprises which have registered and is engaged in actual business operations in Hong Kong. The maximum funding for every eligible applicant is up to HK$600,000, with 3/4 of the approved project cost funded by TVP while 1/4 borne by the applicant. The common practice of TVP application includes recruiting a technology consultancy to offer project consultancy service, asking product/service providers to provide quotes for the project and TVP application submission to Innovation and Technology Commission.

digiEasy is experienced in developing personalized systems including ecommerce platforms and applications, leveraged by our digital analytics solutions to obtain data for deep insights and data-driven decision making. We are aiming at tailoring digital transformation solutions for Hong Kong enterprises to improve business flow and increase productivity.

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