Hubspot Workflow

Hubspot Workflow

Hubspot focuses on inbound marketing methodology and marketing automation, which workflow is an important element to succeed. Inbound marketing can be concluded as a typical journey of a person from being a complete stranger to one business to becoming a customer and even a promoter. The Hubspot Workflow tool helps people in this journey.

Normally, people access a website of business through search engines or social media and they become leads by form submission , providing their email address and subscription for a piece of content. Workflow takes place in order to change these leads to customers.

 Workflow in Hubspot is a set of actions that automatically execute based on a starting condition and a set of rules in order to convert the leads to customers. It combines context with the power to efficiently scale your marketing effort. It is built by the contact properties, which any piece of those properties can be used in a Hubspot Workflow. With the properties and data collected, personalized relevant and timely marketing events can be created, for example, a welcome email can be sent automatically to the new contacts and products recommendation can be delivered to gain repeated customers.


You can consider Hubspot Workflow as a robot that you need to teach it with a set of rules and relevant knowledge, which  the process may be hard and challenging. However, once you successfully set up the robot, it continues to  work in the background and helps you finish the tasks that may cost a huge amount of time by man.

You may be frustrated on how to teach this robot, or in another word, how to set the workflows to maximize the efficiency of attracting more customers. digiEasy has much experience in helping our Hong Kong clients implement successful drip campaigns, with higher email open rate and better conversion rate. Talk to one of our Hubspot specialists to start an amazing drip email campaign.  Start automating your prospect nurturing now.