digiEasy’s Online Booking System

Package Settings

In digiEasy’s cloud booking management system (BookingEasy), you can establish monthly plans and unlimited package, to cater your marketing objective and generate revenue, which is favorable to companies such as fitness centers, salons, etc. Contact our professional digital marketing team immediately and get a free consulting service!

Monthly Plan

In BookingEasy, you can set up a monthly fee plan to create customers’ loyalty and builds awareness for your services, customers can make unlimited reservations of specified services, by prepaying services at a discounted price. Also, when your type of service cannot guarantee its monthly return, the monthly fee can provide a fixed basic income for your business.

Unlimited Packages

In BookingEasy, you can set up unlimited packages with enormous flexibility to set type and quota of services in the package for customers who need your services from time to time. At the same time, you can bundle the package with a newly launched service, so the service can gain awareness and develop potential customers during its initial stage.