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Web Analytics

Collecting and handling data is always the first and most important step of digital transformation. Analysing and interpreting big data in the right ways allows you to employ data-driven marketing strategies to make your brand stand out from other competitors. You can understand and anticipate your customer needs proactively, and thus to deliver relevant products and tailor-made services to win your customers.

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digital analytic audit

Analytic Audit

Even though you have started using web analytic services like Google Analytics, do you know if you are obtaining the right data for accessing your business and developing future data-driven marketing strategies? Our data analytics experts are glad to conduct a full-spectrum analytics health check (analytics audit) to ensure that you are tracking the correct business goals or ecommerce revenue, tracking codes are precisely installed on all pages, marketing campaign tagging are implemented accurately, goal funnels and filters are set up and used correctly etc. digiEasy makes sure that the configurations across all touchpoints including website, applications, newsletter etc. are perfectly fine.

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tagging implementation tracking code

Tagging Implementation

To a marketer without much technical knowledge, tagging implementation can be a challenging task without support from developers. Let our qualified data analytics specialists accomplish the task for you with ease. We have extensive knowledge and sophisticated skills in handling tags in various tag management systems, especially Google Tag Manager (GTM), Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) and Tealium for our client. One of the essential components of our tagging implementation service is the installation of a data layer, a JavaScript object used to pass information from your site to tracking tools. It offers you eventual control and flexibility over analytics implementation as well as allows easy and smooth maintenance in the future.

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data visualization graph

Data Visualization

Unleash the power of the data collected through web analytic tools by visualizing it into engaging dashboards and eye-catching reports. With powerful features of web analytics dashboard report services namely Google Data Studio, our dedicated data analytics professionals assist you with interpreting large amounts of complex data and identify patterns, trends, and correlations hidden in the data you should not miss.

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