HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing

You may have the experience that you have gotten annoyed by some interrupting and repeating bidding promotion methodology. Would you choose to patronize those brands and even build a long and close relationship with them? The answer would be “no” to a large extent.

In 2004, Brain and Darmesh, two fellow graduate students of MIT found out that there was a shift of people consuming models that they no longer endure those impeding bids and people would choose to ignore. With this research result, the company HubSpot was established, with the aim of “inbound marketing”, a business methodology of creating valuable content for customers and lasting the relationship between them and the brand.

In order to achieve successful inbound marketing,  HubSpot provides functions and services regarding  the notion “Attract, Engage and Delight”.

The notion “Attract, Engage and Delight”


strategy means to provide meaningful content for target customers through different ways like blog articles and content offers groups as a trustful advisor people would like to engage with. HubSpot with SEO Marketing software helps increase the awareness of the brand by building authority of search and attract more lead customers at a deep level by allowing the created content to appear on the search engine result page (SERP) .


strategy means to give probable insights and solutions to help customers achieve their goals in order to engage a long-lasting relationship between customers and brand. In another words, this is a kind of “solutions selling”. This can be succeeded by using the Shared Chatbox function, one of the powerful HubSpot Conservation tools that target in providing personalized and unlimited conservation experience through different platforms and media like team email and live chat with customers at scale.


strategy  means to ensure the customers are having a satisfying experience even long after the purchase of products and services. This can be succeeded by providing them the right information they need at the right timing. The Marketing Automation Software helps analyze and judge which kind of information is suitable for the target audience and determine the appropriate timing to deliver.

HubSpot recently has adopted the concept of Flywheel business model that illustrates that by prioritizing and delivering exceptional customer experience, the organization can be imposed. Any kind of investing strategy can be seen as the force that makes the flywheel spins and there would be friction that slows down the spin of the flywheel, and the friction often comes from the miscommunication triggered by handoffs between teams.

However, with the business methodology of Inbound Marketing, all the organizational functions can help remove frictions toward the flywheel, like during the attracting phase, the marketing would play the main role by providing valuable content for customers by different format and at the same time, the sales team can also engage in social selling and add force to the wheel while the  customer service team can make it easier for current customers to make referrals. As a result, when there are sufficient customers attracted, engaged and delighted, they would promote the brand and bring more new customers which can help keep the flywheel spinning. In another words, the organization would keep momentum going without over-paid investment in customer acquisition.