digiEasy’s Online Booking System

Real Time Class/Venue Booking

In light of the fierce competition in the Hong Kong business environment. Besides high-quality services, a user-friendly and real time booking system will definitely boost your sales revenues. digiEasy’s tailor-made cloud booking system (BookingEasy) caters for all your business needs. Contact us to find how BookingEasy can help you optimate your booking services.

A Convenient Booking System

More flexibility is provided by our online booking system than the traditional booking method. When booking system causes inconvenience, consumers will leave with a negative impression or even no longer require your services again. In BookingEasy, customers do not have to wait until business hours to make an appointment over the phone. They can make online booking at any time via a computer or mobile device and confirm arrangement detail immediately.

Manage Booking Timeslots

Our online booking system allows customers to make reservations for themselves based on the availability of your services. In BookingEasy, you are allowed to set a quota of each booking period and show the remaining on user-interface. Let the entire booking process more efficient and effective.

Customized Services

In BookingEasy, customers can request a special arrangement through the system, let you to build up positive relationship by preparing customized services for them. For example, if your guests do not want to be disturbed by any noise (such as children) while dining. You can increase his satisfaction with arranging a quieter seat for him and reserve the same seat for his next reservation.